2015 Clasico del Caribe Results

The 2015 Clasico del Caribe results are in, and Calinico was the first to cross the finish line in the penultimate event in Central American thoroughbred horse racing -the Hipódromo Presidente Remón.

It was an absolutely dazzling race. Sparto took the early lead out of the gates, but eventually gave way to Supremo. Neither would be able to keep pace with the top two contenders in Clasico del Caribe results, who bided their time perfectly throughout the early legs of the race. Then, from the middle of the pack, with a pair of sweeping turns on the outside, the favoured Huitlacoche and Calinico came thundering down the stretch. Calinico stretch his nose out to cross the wire first, beating out the highly touted Huitlacoche. Supremo would end third, while Sparta was able to stay ahead of the rest to finish fourth.

Huitlacoche had won the Mexican Triple Crown this year and was by far the most preferred take at the window on Clasico del Caribe results, but Calinico was able to overcome tough races that prevented him from being a crown champion earlier in the season. “This is a nice horse, he lost the Triple Crown by an unlucky, bad ride, ” said owner Droopy Rodriguez. It was sweet revenge for Calinico and his handlers.

It was also a hometown victory for jockey Jose Lezcano who triumphed in front of a wild crowd in Panama City.

This is a big momentum churner for horse racing in Panama as well. General Manager of the Hipódromo Presidente Remón was thrilled with the results of the overall event, and the climax in the Clasico del Caribe results. “We dedicate this race to Panamian people and we we wish that they continue coming, betting and supporting us in everything that we’re going to do in 2016.”

You can watch the Clasico del Caribe results in the video below:

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